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    Ι Hemp Seed
    Hemp Seed

                       Hemp Seed
                       Hemp, or industrial hemp is an annual strain of Cannabis Sativa L. plant species. Its seed has
               been a foodstuff for Chinese people since 2,800BC. Grouped with wheat, miliaceum, panicum and
               beans, hemp seed is placed first among the Five Grains, as stated both in The Discourses of Lv
               Buwei and The Plain Questions of Huangdi is Internal Classic. In 2002, hemp seed was included in the
               list "Both Food and Drug" by Ministry of Health, being the homology of food and drug.
                         Fine-selected growing base and followed with all process tracking and managing system 
               throughout the whole planting process.
                         Raw materials are all stored in low-temperature constant-humidity cold store, with a constant
               temperature of  18℃ maximum all year round.
                         Intelligent racking system make full use of the space, high efficiency and operating time
                         Production line is equipped with professional process for cleaning, separating, color sorting
               and pasteurization. 
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